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Welcome to Needham's Obedience!

Our goal is to help you create that loving, loyal, happy, and obedient dog that you intended on having when you first brought them home to be a part of your family. Through positive praise based training we will help you mold your dog into a more calm, confidant, and focused dog. After training with Needham's Obedience you and your dog will know how to handle any situation you come into on a daily basis, whether it is a crowded dog park, a walk down a busy street, or simply with guests in your home. We will help you and your dog accomplish this by using the dogs natural instincts to look towards their human family for direction. We will teach you how to use your body language , tone of your voice, verbal and visual signals to easily communicate to your dog their responsibility and what is being asked of them. You will see your dog in a whole new light and no longer as the problem child that they once may have been viewed as.


Our Champions

We are proud to present some of the dogs we've had the pleasure of working with